Watching Live TV

Watching a normal broadcast on your product with Freeview On Demand won't use any data because the programmes are beamed to you over the air and picked up by your antenna.

Browsing the TV Guide

Browsing and searching the TV guide in Freeview On Demand will use a very small amount of data. If you browsed an hour a day for a month, it'll add up to about 600MB (that's about 6% of a very modest 10GB per month plan).

On Demand Viewing

Streaming video on demand will use a little more data, exactly how much will depend on the quality of the video served up by each broadcaster’s on demand services. The higher the picture quality (indicated by a higher bit rate), the higher your data usage. Typically, one hour of video at medium quality will use about 750MB of data.

Tracking My Data Use

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will have some tools to help you track how much data you use, some also offer alerts when you're about to exceed your plan. So check with your ISP if you'd like more detailed tracking on how much data you use.