First please make sure it’s connected to the Internet. If you have just installed your A7070, it will prompt you to connect it to your Internet as part of the setup process. Otherwise, if you like more information about connecting it to the Internet, please see here.

Next, follow the steps below to download the Spark Sport App:


    1. Open the Android Apps Home by pressing the ‘Google Home’ button on your remote or selecting ‘Apps’ from the                 Home Hub  

    2. Scroll left to ‘Apps’ using the arrows on your remote

    3. Select ‘Get more apps’ to go to the Google Play Store

    4. Search for ‘Spark Sport App’

    5. Select the ‘Spark Sport App’ and then press ‘install’

    6. Open and sign into your Spark Sport account

To add it onto the top band, select the ‘Add app to favorites’ and choose Spark Sport.