'Download' the Firmware

DOWNLOAD S7070rHD-XS Firmware V1.21 (Zip File)

DOWNLOAD S7070rHD-XM Firmware V1.09 (Zip File)

NOTE: If you're having issues downloading the Firmware from the Website, try right-click and "Save Target As" or try another Internet Browser.

How to 'Update' the Firmware

Step 1: Download the Zip File

  • Please download the Zip File linked above, and follow the instructions below to update your S7070rHD.
  • Once downloaded, extract the contents of the Zip File directly onto a USB Flash Drive.
  • Insert the USB Flash Drive into the USB Port on the S7070rHD.

Step 2: Open the Menu

  • Press the MENU button on the Remote Control.
  • Select Admin → USB Software Upgrade.
  • Use the ◀ ▶ ▼ ▲ buttons on the Remote to navigate the Menu.

Step 3: Update the Firmware

  • Select USB Software Upgrade, press OK.
  • Enter the PIN (Default PIN is 0000), when prompted "Password Please".

Step 4: Update Complete

  • The S7070rHD will search the connected USB Flash Drive, and begin updating the Firmware, if found.
  • Once the Firmware Update has completed, the S7070rHD will reboot, and return to Live TV.
  • Remove the USB Flash Drive.

NOTE: If the Software Update takes less than one minute to complete, the S7070rHD has been unable to detect the file on your USB Flash Drive. Ensure you extract the contents of the Zip File, the Software Update is NOT the Zip File.