Broadcasts, especially live events such as the News, can run overtime by a few minutes. Broadcasters can update the schedule to correctly reflect the actual start or end time of any live programming; however this may not always be feasible given the dynamic nature of live broadcasts.

To compensate for this inevitability, by default Freeview Recorders would add a buffer (typically about 5 minutes) at the start and end of a programme where possible. However if multiple recordings are scheduled back to back across multiple channels, the recorder may not always be able to apply the buffer and even though the recorder is starting and ending the recording correctly according to the broadcast schedule, the recordings may appear to be missing the start or end of the programme due to last-minute schedule creeps. 

If you’d like to provide feedback about inaccurate start or end times of programmes, please contact the broadcaster directly with the time and date of the programme as well as programme title.