Follow the instructions on the Quick Start Guide (find it in the box!) to connect the Freeview streaming device to your TV - it's quick & easy.

Here're a few tips to give you an even smoother run!

Plug the SmartVU to a power socket if you can.  While the SmartVU can be connected to a USB port to most TVs and be powered that way, it's way more reliable to plug it to a power socket (that's why it comes with a power adaptor, use it).

Get close to your WIFI router.  You need a clear & consistent WIFI signal to have a good stream. The stability of your connection also affects video quality.  To get top-notch video quality, position the SmartVU so it's within range of your WIFI router so your WIFI signal doesn't need to pass through too many obstacles before it reaches the SmartVU.

Stick the magnet to your TV (not the SmartVU). When you've connected the SmartVU to your TV, the last step is to secure it to the back of your TV with its companion magnet:

  1. Peel off the adhesive tape & stick the magnet to your TV (position it where your want the SmartVU to go)
  2. Pop the SmartVU on the magnet - oh snap!

Sign in with a Google Account that's registered in New Zealand.  You may be an international man/woman of mystery, but when Google prompts you to sign in, please sign in with your NZ-based Google Account so you can access its full features & apps, such as Freeview.  

If you don't have a Google accountyou can register one here: https://accounts.google.com/SignUp?hl=en