Yes, with on of our Freeview Recorders you can record and save any Live TV content, for free.

Freeview Recorders offer the following convenient recording features:

  • Record two channels at once or record one while you watch another.  All Freeview Recorders come with two tuners so can tune and record two channels at the same time.
  • Record entire series in one click with Series Link:  You can record a single episode or the entire series when you book a recording with any Freeview Recorder.
  • Pause Live TV
  • Store hundreds of hours of TV: All Freeview Recorders have a hefty hard drive built-in, which will store about 500 hours of TV and movies, ready for you whenever it suits you.

And now, all new Freeview Recorders come with Freeview Live TV and Freeview On Demand too – it’s the best way to enjoy TV, subscription free.