Please download the software from the table in this FAQ section, then follow below instructions:

1.Extract the .zip file from our website directly onto your USB memory device the folder structure will be created automatically.
You will need to check that the DishTV_7167 folder is at the top level of the drive and not inside another folder.
2. Power OFF the Receiver
3. Insert the USB memory device in the receiver USB port.
4. Power ON the box hold "info"/"OK" on the front panel to invoke the boot loader for downloading the S/W image via USB.
5. The boot loader will attempt to detect the USB memory device.
If the USB device/software is not present the boot loader will boot up the previous installed version of software.
If more than one .usb image file is present in the “DISHTV_7167” folder, select latest version from OSD
--Use the UP/DOWN key to view the next file information.
--Press exit key to stop the download process.
--Press OK key to update the image into the STB.
If only one .usb image file is present the receiver will automatically start the update process
6. Once the update process is complete the unit will reboot.

File Name
Download Link
Latest Software 1.4E