Firmware Downloads:

S7090PVR Firmware

There is one way the S7090PVR can be updated:


1. Please download the .zip file linked above, and follow the instructions below to update your S7090PVR.

2. Once downloaded, extract the .zip file directly onto a USB Flash Drive.

3. Remove the power from the S7090PVR, by unplugging or turning it off at the wall.

4. Insert the USB Flash Drive into the USB Port on the Back of your S7090PVR.

5. Press and hold the MENU button on the Front Panel of the S7090PVR.

6. Reconnect the power to the S7090PVR, while still holding the MENU button down.

7. Continue to hold the MENU button down as the S7090PVR powers on, until the Front Panel displays "USB".

8. Once "USB" displays on the Front Panel, release the MENU button. The S7090PVR will begin updating the Software.

9. Once the update has finished the S7090PVR will reboot again to resume Live TV viewing.

10. Remove the USB Flash Drive.

NOTE: If the Software update takes less than one minute to complete, the S7090PVR has been unable to detect the file on your USB Flash Drive. Please double check to ensure the Software update file is in the correct folder on your USB Flash Drive.