This will happen automatically if you have connected an Ethernet cable to your A7070. Alternatively, connect to a WIFI network when prompted as part of set up. 

To connect follow these steps:

  • On your remote control, press the Home button.

  • Select Settings or the settings gear sprocket icon in the top right hand side of the screen.

  • Under General Settings select Network & Internet 

  • Select your wireless access point under Available networks

  • Type your password on the 'Enter password for (Your Network)' screen

    Note:  The on-screen keyboard may vary with different menu items. The keyboard also varies based on the model and software version installed. In some cases the keyboard displays the upper case letters in the top row, then the lower case letters, and then numbers and symbols in the following rows.

The password is case sensitive. If your keyboard doesn't display both upper and lower case characters, press the up-arrow button on the on-screen keyboard to toggle between upper case and lower case as needed.                  

How to get the most out of your A7070:

Please connect your A7070 to the Internet. This is critical to ensure correct operation of your A7070. Once your A7070 is connected to the Internet, you will receive automatic software updates and the following benefits, to ensure you are getting the best Freeview experience! 

  • Stream Freeview Live TV Channels
  • Featured Apps 
  • Explore and download more content on Google play 
  • Stream content to your TV with Chromecast built-in