Firmware Downloads:

A2 Firmware


1. Please download the .zip file linked above, and follow the instructions below to update your A2.

2. Once downloaded, copy (DON'T EXTRACT) the .zip file directly onto a USB Flash Drive.

3. Insert the USB Flash Drive into the USB Port on the Back of your A2.

4. Press the "O" button on your Remote.

5. Move up and select Settings (COG) in the top-right, next to the Time.

7. Move down and select About.

8. Select Local Update, then sdb1.

9. You will see a message on-screen "Copying" this can take a couple minutes.

10. Select OK, when asked "Are you sure you want to upgrade?"

11. The A2 will reboot and install the Software Update.

12. Once the Software Update has finished the A2 will reboot again to resume Live TV viewing.

13. Remove the USB Flash Drive.