TVNZ OnDemand shows are going...

From 28 June 2021, TVNZ OnDemand shows won’t be available through Freeview On Demand anymore - you can only stream them through TVNZ OnDemand.

And don’t worry, this doesn’t affect anything else on Freeview. 

You can still enjoy all the Live TV channels (including the TVNZ channels), browse every channel on the Freeview TV Guide or EPG, record it all with a Freeview Recorder and stream hundreds of other shows on-demand, entirely subscription-free.

You can find out more about this change here, including checks to see if your TV setup already has direct access to TVNZ OnDemand and answers to popular questions.

Browse Freeview's FAQs here for more information about this change.

Where can I watch TVNZ OnDemand shows now?

TVNZ provides a range of ways to watch TVNZ OnDemand, which includes many of the Smart TVs and other devices you currently use to watch Freeview On Demand.

You can check this list of products with Freeview On Demand to see which ones have access to TVNZ OnDemand, or click the button below to see if you can get the TVNZ OnDemand app on your existing Smart TV, set-top box or dongle.

If you have one of the following:

  • SmartVU+ A7070
  • SmartVU SV11
  • SmartVU SV10 

You will be able to download the Android TV version of the TVNZ OnDemand application and continue to stream TVNZ On Demand content on your device.

To install the TVNZ application now on your Android TV device:

1. Press the Google Home button.
2. Select the "APPS" icon and press OK.
3. Select "GET MORE APPS" to open the Play Store.
4. Select the "Search" option at the top-left.
5. Enter "TVNZ OnDemand" into the search field.
6. Install the "TVNZ OnDemand" application.