Given that Prime +1 is not part of the Freeview channel group and because of this cannot be found on a conventional channel list or in some EPG's you can use the below guide to assist in finding this channel on your Satellite Receiver.

How to Watch Prime +1

Step 1: Make sure your Freeview box is able to tune Prime +1

  • Prime +1 is only available to users on the Satellite platform. To ensure your model supports satellite you can check your model number, Almost all our Dish TV satellite Products will start with an 'S' e.g S7090 or SNT7070. 
  • Another way to check your device is by confirming you have a threaded connection at the rear of your unit labeled Satellite IN or LNB IN

Step 2: Check if the channel is already there

  • Some models will have already automatically tuned this channel during the setup process, to check if your receiver has Tuned it in you can scroll through the channel list either using the "CH+/CH-" buttons or on some models you can press 'OK' to open your channel list.
  • On the A7070 you will need navigate to CH 600 using your numpad before using "CH+" to find "Prime+1" 

Step 3: Tune it in

  • If you do not have Prime +1 you can add it. Prime +1 will normally need to be manually tuned but may tune with your models auto tune setting. 
    • The settings for Prime +1 are 12519 H 22500 please see your device manual on how to manually scan or automatically scan satellite channels.

Remember Prime +1 is not a Freeview channel so will normally appear on any channel position above 600 on Freeview approved devices, any device without the Freeview Logo on will normally add it to the position around or near Prime or The Edge.