Why Connect to the internet? Once connected to the internet this receiver will receive automatic software updates, and access to On Demand content, to help ensure you get the best Freeview experience!

How do I connect to the internet?

If you have connected an Ethernet cable to your receiver this will happen automatically. Alternatively, connect to a Wi-Fi Network when prompted as part of the initial setup.

If you skipped connecting to a Wi-Fi Network, or would like to connect to another Wi-Fi Network, go to Main Menu / Network Setup / Setup Wi-Fi

Will I be using my data?

You will not be using data for Watching Live TV through this receiver, if done via a Satellite or UHF Aerial. When Streaming On Demand, this will typically use you data, exactly how much data will depend on the quality of the video provided by each broadcasters service. Where the higher video quality (indicated by higher bit rate), the higher your data usage.

Typically, one hour of video playback at medium quality will use about 750MB of data.