How to 're-tune' the A7070

Step 1: Open Freeview Live TV

  • Open the "Freeview Live TV" App.
  • It can be selected from the HOME Screen, or you can press the FREEVIEW button on the Remote Control.

Step 2: Open the Main Menu

  • Press the MENU button on the Remote Control.
  • Select Settings (COG in top-right).
  • Use the ◀ ▶ ▼ ▲ buttons on the Remote to navigate the Main Menu.

Step 3: Navigate the Settings Menu

  • Select Advanced Settings → Select Signal Type.
  • Select CONTINUE, when prompted to "Change Signal Type".

Step 4: Select Signal Type

  • Select UHF Aerial, if using a UHF Aerial / Terrestrial.
  • Select Satellite, if you're using a Satellite Dish.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts, to tune / re-tune the Channels.

NOTE: If you require further information, the A7070 User Manual can be found online HERE.