Possible Cause: There are a number of reasons why your Remote may not be working with your Receiver. This includes physical damage, battery issues, or issues with the infrared sensor on the Remote or Receiver.

  • Option 1: Batteries that are depleted, or incorrectly inserted are the most common reason for a Remote to stop working, or work intermittently. We recommend replacing the Batteries as a first step, checking that the + and - ends of the Batteries correspond with the + and - markings inside the Battery Compartment of the Remote.

  • Option 2: Check for clear line of sight between the Front Panel and the Remote. Ensure that the infrared sensor located on the Front Panel of the Receiver has not been covered or obscured, and move any obstructions if necessary.

  • Option 3: Try use the buttons on the Front Panel of the Receiver. If the Receiver responds to the buttons on the Front Panel, and not the Remote. It could indicate an issue with the Remote.

For further assistance, contact the Dish TV Support Team - Contact Information.