Problem: There is a message on your TV saying “Tuning Failed”, “Database Empty”, “No Signal”, or you are missing some Channels.

Possible Cause: Low or No Signal can cause these issues to appear, it could be either one or all of the following:

  • Cable is not connected correctly to the T2200, ensure the Cable is connected to the RFIN.
  • Cable is not connected correctly to a UHF Aerial, ensure it's NOT connected to a Satellite Dish.
  • UHF Aerial may no longer be correctly aligned, ensure the UHF Aerial is secure on the Mount.
  • Possible damage to Cables or Connections, with time these can deteriorate, and affect Signal.

You can try to re-tune the T2200 by resetting it, under Menu > Installation > Factory Default (Default PIN is 0000). Follow the guided setup to attempt a re-tune of the Channels.

NOTE: By performing a Factory Default, you understand that all user configured settings and information will be cleared. CONTENT ON THE HARD DRIVE WILL BE SAFE.

If this doesn't work you may need to inspect your UHF Aerial for the issues described above, or contact an Installer/Technician.

Alternatively, you can contact the Dish TV Support Team for more information, and troubleshooting options. Contact Us - HERE.