View all Media Devices such as USB Drives or the built-in 1TB Hard Drive and configure them to work with the S8200.

The first device listed will be the built-in Hard Drive (SATA), the default recording device. All recorded content is saved to the built-in Hard Drive. As you connect additional USB Drives, they will be listed beneath the Hard Drive (SATA).

You can Media Format any selected device by pressing the BLUE button on the Remote, doing this will clear everything on the device, such as the built-in Hard Drive. You can clear the built-in Hard Drive, to delete bulk recorded content, and when starting new.

'How to' Format the Hard Drive

Step 1: Open the Main Menu

  • With the Remote, go to Menu > Media > Media Info.
  • Use the ◀ ▶ ▼ ▲ buttons on the Remote to navigate the Main Menu.

Step 2: Press the BLUE button to Media Format

  • Select YES, if you want to Format the Hard Drive on the S8200.
  • Select NO, if you would like to return to the Media Info Screen.

Step 3: Enter the PIN

  • Use the NUMERIC buttons on the Remote to enter the PIN. Default is "0000".
  • The S8200 will then Format the Hard Drive, clearing everything on the device.

NOTE: By performing a Media Format on the selected device, such as the built-in Hard Drive, you understand that all content will be deleted.